Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Great Room

The Great Room is centrally located in the home.  Its dimensions are thirty-five feet by twenty-six feet (35' x 26'), plus piano alcove (with a total square footage of just under 1000 square feet).  The piano alcove is elevated six-inches (6") from the main floor to add definition to the space (perfect for a nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano). 

The ceiling is twenty-three feet (23') high, and the detail within the ceiling is meant to reflect the grandeur of the room.  Recessed lighting gives the impression of a "starry night."   The stars are reflected in the opposing ten-foot mirrors adorning two massive fireplaces on opposite ends of the room. 

The two round windows give the great room somewhat of a "nautical" feel, perfect for an ocean side landscape.  Beneath these, two sets of french doors provide access to exterior entertaining, and flank the piano alcove.

The room is lavishly appointed with strong trim accents (fluted pilasters), appropriate for the scale of the room.  The fireplaces are trimmed with luxurious black granite, and the floor is composed of a polished limestone.

Entry to the room is via three large doorways, leading from the central gallery.  Curved balconies of with wrought iron balusters allow a bird's-eye-view of the room from the second floor central gallery.



jeca9259 said...

Hi I love it, it's fantastic and I have a question which software do you use?

Brett said...

I also love your blog. I just wanted to correct your comment about "perfect for a 12' Steinway concert grand piano". I love the fact that you used 'concert', so few people do that right. But pianos are not made 12' long! Here are the longest for the 2 major companies: Steinway: 8' 11 3/4" (known as 9' concert grand) & Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand: 9' 6" which has 97 keys instead of 88 giving the pianist 8 full octaves. I am a former Steinway salesman! :)

Jonathan Brake said...

Hey thanks Brett for the support! And thanks for pointing out my error. The piano in the renderings is actually only nine-feet long. Good eye! :) More updates coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Although I, in no way imaginable, am an architect, I absolutely LOVE architecture, and only wish I had the skills to be able to do something like this.
I am loving everything so far, especially the mirrors above the fireplaces. Very bold and very wonderful. :)
I will be keeping your blog on my favourites as I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Oakland Homes said...

just my opinion, that circular area on the ceiling, needs to be a hand painted dome with cove lighting, or maybe, all the coffers should have cove lighting to set the mood.