Monday, June 21, 2010

Oval Office - Initial Sketches

It has been a busy weekend, but I wanted to share with you an initial technical illustration of the mega-mansion's oval office.  The ceiling detail is yet to be completed (stay tuned).

The room is truly "White House oval office" inspired.  At the far end of the room sits the executive desk.  A massive set of windows frames the desk, providing ample natural light.  Maintaining symmetry in the room, a pair of french doors provides access to the private terrace.  Bookcases (foreground) match the symmetry of the french doors.  A set of doors lead to the private (executive) bathroom, and on the opposite side of the room a set of doors lead to a wet bar leading into the conference room. 

There is also a sitting area, complete with sofa, and chairs to make the room more comfortable and inviting.

The trim work in the room is rich and "heavy" giving a sense of power and authority. This is softened to some degree by the curved trim above the french doors and around the bookshelves.

I am undecided about what direction I will go with respect to materials in the room.  I do like the soft, pale colours used in the White House Oval Office, but also think dark wood panelling would make a bold statement (I am wondering if I should reserve the wood panelling for the library/study).

Perhaps I'll try to set up a poll.  Let me know what you think of the project thus far!


Grrrowler said...

I think stained wood doors and moldings would look good in this room. Personally I wouldn't panel the entire room but would leave plaster walls that could be painted any color that the owner wanted. The painted walls against the stained carved wood would look great I think.

For the ceiling, same thing. Dark wood beams with lighter-painted plaster ceilings sections would really set it off.

It looks great so far!

JCR said...

Dark-stained wood for doors, trim, and moldings; padded cashmere walls in beige for luxury (and sound-proofing); limestone or travertine flooring in a neutral color; eggshell painted ceiling to give the room some "lift" (plain but won't compete with intricate crown moldings which would look superior in an oval room). Color should come from silk-upholstered furniture and paintings.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Making the entire room very dark doesn't seem like it would be the right choice for a room where... creative thinking might perhaps occur. And this way, the lighter the room, the darker the furniture could be. I do love dark furniture.

cpuguru07 said...

IMHO, it would be very unprofessional to have a client (for example) walk behind the desk to exit to the terrace. Perhaps another desk or a short wall or something to separate the desk area from the walking area?