Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome! Introducing: the "Mega-mansion."

Please join me on a journey of achitecture and design.

I have been designing houses and structures as a hobby for a number of years, and despite not being a professional architect like to believe I'm not "half bad." I have recently started a new project, a "mega-mansion. " The exact square footage is yet to be determined but is guaranteed to be 50-60,000+ square feet. This is no "cookie-cutter McMansion."

I thought it would be interesting to share the "construction" process with fellow enthusiasts.

I have been diligently working on the basic plan, and am ready to start "building" the home room by room. I will be posting photos, renderings, elevations, and detailed specifications along the way. Be sure to check back soon for updates.

Your comments are welcomed! Through your feed-back, you can participate in the design of this mega-structure!


stu537 said...

I love your mansion plans. What software do you use / or would recommend? I have been doodling room and home ideas for a long time and I would like to start using software to take my ideas into the "digital world". I look forward to seeing more of your ideas.


Grrrowler said...

Great idea for a blog! I've always been an armchair architect and this process will be fascinating to watch. My partner spends a lot of spare time using 3D design software to come up with various floor plans but so far nothing on this scale.

Jonathan Brake said...

I use Chief Architect, but its expensive!
Thanks for all of your interest. Keep checking back for updates!