Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bridle Path, Toronto, Canada - Part 1

Nothing like a stroll through an affluent neighborhood to strike up some inspiration for the projects I am working on.

Presenting, the "Bridle Path" in Toronto, home to some of the city's wealthiest inhabitants.

#1: 37 High Point Road

This house is on the market for $23,000,000 (CAN).  It is being constructed by Paul Miklas and his Valleymede corporation.  I thought he had sold his other High Point address so that he and his wife could move into this mega-mansion, so I was somewhat confused by a recent google search to see that it appears to be for sale.

Architecturally speaking, I love the french influence that dominates the exterior of this home, including the mansard roof.  In fact, I envision a similar facade for the mega-mansion that I am working on.

The construction workers were taking a break outside the residence as I walked by.  I wanted to ask for a private tour, but refrained from doing so.  Just a glimpse would satisfy me...

#2: 23 Park Lane Circle
Again, I love the french styling, including the numerous french balconies adorning the second floor.  The dome is a beautiful touch, and the landscaping is magnificent.

#3: 15 High Point Road

This beautiful mansion is a replica of Rosecliff in Newport, Rhode Island.  The scale and proportions are exquisite.


#4: 29 Park Lane Circle

This mansion is currently on the market for $18,890,000.  More information can be found at:

Stay tuned for many more mansions - Part 2 is coming soon. 

In the meantime, here are some other properties along my walk that are deserving of an honourable mention.  While they do not meet the criteria for "mega-mansions" I am impressed by the obvious incredible thought in the architectural details. 

For an update of my progress on the "mega-manion" click here.


Anonymous said...

I love the exterior of 37 High Point. I remember seeing the interior, but I do not remember which website I was on.

Jonathan Brake said...

The home was showcased in Canada on HGTV, on a show created by Paul Miklas called "Mansions."

The show followed the construction of this estate, and featured episodes on the enormous indoor pool, the master suite, and the exterior detail/mansard roof.

Anonymous said...

15 high point was my fathers house when he built it and we moved because its to big. its 25,000 sq ft