Friday, November 26, 2010

The Formal Library - Initial Sketches

Across from the central staircase sits the enormous two story library, accessed from the grand staircase by three arched entryways.  It measures approximately twenty-eight-feet (28') by twenty-six-feet (26').  The focal point of the room is the huge fireplace, which is six-feet high.  Above the fireplace sits a mirror which reflects a view of the grand staircase.  The mirror is flanked by round columns, and capped with an arched lintel.  I have added a side chair in the sketch to demonstrate the scale of the space.

The room is surrounded by bookcases on both floors, with ample storage for a huge collection of books.  A balcony wraps around the second floor of the room, and will be accessible from the first floor of the library via a spiral staircase.  

There are many details left to add, so stay tuned for further sketches and renderings.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest removing the mirror above the fireplace and replace it with a painting because you already have two large fireplaces both with mirrors above them. It is nice to have variety in a house...