Sunday, December 26, 2010

West Facade - Initial Rendering

Continuing with the exterior of the ground and second floor I have created an initial rendering of the West Facade.


(Click image above for larger view)

I have done some shuffling, and have essentially created a mirror image of my original plans.  As such, the ground floor of the west wing now houses the business suite (oval office with private bathroom, reception hall, conference centre, executive guest suite), portrait hall, as well as the modified two storey ballroom and two storey conservatory (as requested by readers of the blog).  I really enjoy incorporating readers' suggestions into the project, which is why feedback is always appreciated!

The second floor of the west wing features the master suite, which has master sitting room, private kitchen, bedroom, separate his and her closets, dressing rooms, and ensuites bathrooms.  To finish off the "upper" west wing, There is a viewing gallery (with a private terrace) that overlooks the ballroom.

The west wing also houses a staircase and service elevator, which services all floors of the mansion.  There is also a secret passageway which traverses the master bedroom and oval office (bathroom) leading to a panic room and escape tunnel in the basement.

I have continued the limestone cladding on the exterior facade.  The "oval office" inspiration is carried through to the exterior, with the west facade of this mega mansion resembling the south facade of the white house.  The two storey columns allow for private terraces off of both the oval office and the master bedroom suite above.

The west entrance leads to the portrait hall which serves as a place to welcome guests and provides direct access to the ballroom and conservatory. Vehicles will be able to pull up to west entrance, which could be adorned with a red carpet for the most "distinguished" of parties.  

Again, this is the initial rendering, and much work is left to be done with the mill work and of course the roof and basement elevation.  I just wanted to again share with you the mansion's progress!

Thanks to those of you who have been following the mansion project.  It gives me inspiration to keep creating!  As always, your comments are always welcomed!