Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Kitchen - Initial Sketches

Just to make sure you know that I am still diligently working on this project:

Here are some initial sketches of the family kitchen.  At the rear of the room sits a double-wide range/oven.  The right door leads to a pantry, while the left leads to the west (front) gallery of the home. 

On the left wall is a double refrigerator, a wet bar, and storage cabinets.

There are two islands: the central island with a fully equipped sink, and housing the dishwasher and numerous cabinets.  The other island features an area for family dining and an expansive workspace for meal preparation.

The ceiling detail is yet to be completed.  The kitchen overlooks the family room and the informal family dining (breakfast) area.

Details will be finalized soon!  Please check back!


Grrrowler said...

It looks like the sink on the island and the stove/oven share the same walkway. No matter how big that space is between the island and the cabinets along the wall, having one person at the stove and one person at the sink is going to be a big problem. They will always be in each other's way. If the dishwashers are on the island next to the sink, when they're open it's going to really impede anyone trying to use the stove, and if there's a large meal being cooked the sink, dishwashers, and stove will all be accessed simultaneously. I also think the primary dish sink should have a window. I would suggest moving the sink off the island it's on and putting it where the wet bar is, or possibly even on the island with the eating counter.

I would suggest putting a prep sink (with its own garbage disposal) near the fridge on the island closest to the stove so that food can move from the fridge to the prep sink to the stove. I would also suggest putting a trash compactor near the prep sink, also in that island.

I think it would help the flow of traffic to move the sink and add a prep sink, but also would leave a larger surface of the island near the stove open for prep work for baking. Baked goods can go from the island into the oven, and then back out onto the island for service prep.

David said...

unless you are designing a second catering kitchen, I strongly suggest two dishwashers and a second prep sink, I am an architect who has designed many upscale homes for wealthy clients and when they have people catering their party it would be much more efficient for the caterers. just a suggestion.

Jonathan Brake said...

Thank you for your comments! This is exactly the kind of feedback that I am looking for. I like the idea of the prep sink on the end of the island, allowing food to go from fridge to prep sink to stove without intruding on the island space directly across from the stove area. This would allow a large preparation area for baked goods as you have suggested.

If I do put the primary dish sink on the island with eating area, would it be OK to add the double dishwashers to this island as well?

Unfortunately, due to the layout of the room, the exterior walls are in the family living area and breakfast/informal dining area. There is no wall that would allow a window above the dish sink.

P.S. There is a catering kitchen planned for the basement, with access from the butler's pantry connecting the family kitchen to the formal dining area. There will also be a dumbwaiter to transport food between floors.

Please continue to send your suggestions. I can't tell you how much I appreciate them!