Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Kitchen - Update

Thanks to Grrrowler/David for their comments...this is the "updated" family kitchen.

I really appreciate that a sink/dishwasher across from the double range/oven could be a conflict.  As a result, I have placed a prep sink in close proximity to the double refrigerator and the double-range/oven, but now positioned at the end of the island (out of the way of kitchen traffic).  Adjacent to the prep sink is a trash compactor and ice-maker.  This leaves the bulk of the central island unobstructed for meal preparation and baking. 

I have moved the dish sink to the 'other island' (the "eating island") and have added two dishwashers adjacent to the sink. 

I have also decided to add a built-in-microwave oven to the left of the wet bar, as well as an espresso machine.  I have decided to keep the wet-bar as is (with some modification from the previous sketch), and have added space for wine bottle storage.  On the central island I have also placed ample space for plate storage, but the breakfast room will be surrounded by cabinets for china. 

There will be a catering kitchen, on the lower level, with access to the butler's pantry, which connects the family area (kitchen, family room, breakfast room) to the main (formal) dining room.  There will be a staircase leading to the catering kitchen, as well as a dumbwaiter which will allow easy passage of food to the formal dining room.

Please check back soon for updates! Thank you for all of your architectural expertise and comments.  It is extremely useful!  Please continue to provide feedback.

Once I have completed the ceiling detail for the family kitchen, I will begin to provide renderings of the family kitchen.


Grrrowler said...

I like the changes, and I'm flattered you took to heart some of my suggestions!

Looking at the current layout I had one other thought: what if you flipped the wet bar and the microwave/espresso machine? The wet bar would then be closer to the eating island and more usable without someone having to go into the heart of the kitchen. The microwave would be closer to the food prep area.

As for double dishwashers on near the dish sink...absolutely yes! I also love the idea of a dumbwaiter between the butler's pantry and the catering kitchen. Will the dumbwaiter also continue upstairs into the private quarters?

Oakland Homes said...

do you have an appliance list?
IMHO, if this is a 60,000 square foot house, you need a serious kitchen, change out the range for a "la cornue" chateau hand made french stove, grand palais 180 ($41,000) and its 70 inches wide, with that, there should be some wall ovens, one meile speed oven, and one miele steam oven side by side, and on top of each oven should be a miele cva4066 coffee maker ($3,495) with 30 inch trim kit, and a wolf built in mwc24 w/ 30 inch trim kit ($1,144). On the bottom of each oven, there should be total 4 warming drawers by wolf (30" wide only). on each side of the range there should be a wolf fryer and a wolf steamer. 2 fridges are not enough, you should have in the order left to right (all sub zero): 736tfi, 700tci, 427, 736TR. In the pantry or laundry room (whatever works better), you should have sub zero BI-36S. you should have across the range a sub zero 700br for easy access to fresh foods, and at the wet bar, a sub zero UC-15/I ice maker, a sub zero 315w wine cooler, and a sub zero 700bf for a "ice cream bar" you should have 2 24" miele d/w's and next to the range, you should have a 24" fisher paykel d/w just for cooking utensil cleaning. email me the designs/floor plan of the kitchen, because i am a interior designer specializing in kitchens, and layouts, (i work with 10,000+ sq. ft. homes every day, so i know what i'm talking about) BTW the pantry should not have a door like that, it should be hidden like with the cabinetry, and plate storage is not necessary in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen, you should have a china room, or a attachment to the pantry that stores all china/tableware. BTW for a superior custom look, try to make the appliances have panels to match the cabinets. clive christian makes great cabinets for homes like these.

David said...

I love the changes you have made, and I think the kitchen is almost there. If you don't take grrrowler's suggestion of switching the wet bar and the microwave/espresso machine then you could switch the microwave location with the espresso machine, so it can be more conveniently located, or you could put in an under cabinet microwave drawer. Under counter microwaves with doors are inconvenient bc you have to squat down to use them, but a drawer provides easy access. I have a le cornue french stove in my own residence, and they are truly worth it. As for the refrigerators, if you have one full size fridge and freezer (as it appears you do in this picture) i think that is plenty. You might want to include an ice maker and beverage cooler by the wetbar and a drawer fridge close to the stove (like Oakland homes said) Provided you have more refrigeration in the caterer's kitchen, I thnk this is all you need

David said...
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Jonathan Brake said...

Thanks "Oakland Homes" for your comment.

As mentioned in a previous post, this kitchen is meant for informal family meals.

I am designing a catering kitchen in the ground floor, accessible through the butlers pantry by stairs, and elevator, and dumbwaiter.

I will definitely incorporate your ideas into this catering kitchen!

David said...

I was wondering, are you going to be sharing the floor plans with us any time soon? I would love to see them and give you some advice (if necessary, which judging by your talents, it won't be) I am an architect and would love to see the plans.

Gatsbyesque said...

Oakland Homes,

The information you gave on modern luxury kitchen designing was excellent.

Would you happen to know what type/brand of refrigerator installation is such that provides great storage as you can walk into it, quite like a pantry?

Such a fridge is present in the Filoli estate in Woodside, California and was thus used for the television series Dynasty.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any information on it anywhere. Would you be able to help?

Many thanks!