Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Kitchen - Rendering

Due to a technical "glitch," the project has been on hold for a short while. 

Things are back up and running smoothly, and I am in the process of rendering some views of the family kitchen.

I have taken into consideration many of the comments, and appreciate all of them!  Again, the family area (including family kitchen, breakfast (informal dining) area, and family room) is meant to be a space for the household family to convene.  It is not meant to be an area equipped to cater to a large group.  As such, I believe that the family kitchen is well equipped for this purpose.

Features include:
  • a double range/oven
  • double refrigerator
  • 2 professional dishwashers (adjacent to the dish sink)
  • large dish sink on eating island
  • prep sink on centre island
  • ice maker (adjacent to prep sink)
  • trash compactor (adjacent to prep sink)
  • wet bar
  • built in microwave
  • built in espresso machine
  • warming drawers opposite the double range
The adjacent breakfast room (renderings to follow) also has a number of storage spaces/cabinets. 

These aforementioned features are more than enough to prepare most of the meals that I can create with my limited culinary skills!  However, for those more "adventurous" the catering kitchen (lower level) will feature many of the amenities that "Oakland homes" has suggested, so again these comments are very much appreciated and will be put to use.

For the ceiling, I have lowered the overall height from 12' to 11' to give the room a more intimate feel.  I have added ceiling detail as seen in the rendering.  I can envision circular track lighting housed within the recessed circular area in the ceiling.

Please let me know what you think.  I have also had fun over the last day or so (technical glitches aside) of designing the adjacent butler's pantry, with access to a staircase, dumbwaiter, and service elevator leading to the caterer's kitchen.

Stay tuned.


Grrrowler said...

I like the different cabinet finishes you're using. It breaks up the space and makes it more interesting. What type or wood are you envisioning for the non-painted cabinetry? I also think the shape of the central island is great. It's a massive island but making it more than just a big rectangle reduced it's visual size.