Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming soon! Grand Ball Room, Conference Center

Hey guys:  It's been a while since I last posted.  Thanks for your patience and continued support.  I HAVE been working on a few projects.  

The conference room is in its final stages (which is adjacent to the oval office).  I have also been working on exterior views of the private oval office terrace (which is "south facade" white house inspired).  One difference is that there are four columns (as opposed to six at the white house), allowing unobstructed views from the large windows in the mega-mansion's oval office.  This house is so huge that the east elevation resembles that of the entire south facade of the white house!

For your information, the "width" of the east wing of the mega-mansion is a mere (sarcasm) 208' (two-hundred-and-eight-feet) wide!

Here's a taste (technical illustration):

Technical Illustration:  Centrally sits the oval office.  To the (facing) left of the oval office is the passageway to the conference centre, complete with wet bar.  To the (facing) right is a "presidential-worthy" bathroom.  The private terrace is wrapped with large newels and wrought iron balusters, accentuated by enormous 2+ story columns.

Currently in the works is a "fit-for-royalty" ball room situated in the east wing of the house (main floor).  This ballroom features two fireplaces and access to a brilliant glass conservatory.  The conservatory pays homage to the Winter Garden of Biltmore Estate.  The ballroom itself is inspired by the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, and measures approximately 45' (fourty-five-feet) by 28' (twenty-eight-feet).
(left) Versaille's Hall of Mirrors.  (above) Biltmore Estate's "Winter Garden"

I promise to have some more images of the mega-mansion up in the next few days. 


Grrrowler said...

If one wing is 208' long I'm curious what that footprint of the house looks like. Do you have the footprint for the house already drawn out and can you share it?

Gatsbyesque said...


Something tells me there may be some sort of gallery separating that part of the east wing from the rest of the house. A french-door lined, conservatory style gallery would be a wonderful lead-in to the business suite... a la the White House West Wing.

I wish we could see the floor plan already!

Anonymous said...

I'm very exited about seeing the rest of it! Keep the posts coming!

Anonymous said...

It would be great if you could post a rough floor plan for the mansion so we could see how all the rooms fit together.