Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mansion's Grand Ball Room

Presenting: The Grand Ball Room

Situated in the East Wing of the House, this massive entertaining space of some 45' (fourty-five-feet) by 28' (twenty-eight-feet) boasts two fireplaces (one at each end of the room).  A piano alcove is flanked by columns.  The doors to the left lead to the rear gallery (rear) and the guest lounge (front).  Between these doors sits a large mirror measuring some 10' (ten-feet) high.  The room is detailed with gilded trim.  The floor is polished limestone.  To the right of the ballroom lies the adjacent conservatory, inspired by Biltmore's Winter Garden.  Triple arched entries lead to this area. 

The ceiling detail is to be completed.  Ideally I would love to see a barrel vaulted ceiling for this room, and am working diligently to make this possible. 

As always, comments are welcome.  This is a preliminary rendering, to keep you guys entertained!


Grrrowler said...

This looks great. Is the ceiling going to be higher than what it looks in the rendering? I would expect this type or room to have a very high ceiling.