Monday, July 26, 2010

The Biltmore Inspired Conservatory

I thought I would share with you the "preliminary" rendering of the conservatory, inspired by Biltmore's Winter Garden.

The room has a modified octagonal design, as opposed to Biltmore's "full" octagon. A set of three arched doorways lead into the room from the Grand Ballroom. The entire room is sunken a few steps, to add a dramatic flair. The centre-piece of the room is a magnificent bronze fountain. The exterior walls are wrapped in windows and doors, providing a wealth of natural light.

Although not completed presently, I plan for the room to have a cathedral ceiling, and I plan to incorporate rounded dormers above each exterior wall to bring additional light into the room as well as to complement the rounded archways leading to the ballroom.

The room will contain lush greenery and seating areas, serving to function as a more "intimate" space for guests to converse, away from the main function in the ballroom. The room, despite being "intimate," is on a grand scale, measuring 26' (twenty-six-feet) at its widest point, and is approximately 38' (thirty-eight-feet) in length.

In future renderings I will incorporate a few pieces of furniture to give a better idea of the scale. You can get a reasonable idea from the large, red cabana bench in front of the large mirror in the ball room. Additionally, the central fountain measures approximately 6' (six-feet) wide and 6' (six-feet) tall.

Stay tuned...more to come.


Gatsbyesque said...

Lovely. Is the other side identical? Is there a way to reach it without going through the ballroom?

Jonathan Brake said...

There is a second entry to the room (other than through the ballroom) via the east hall extension.

Gatsbyesque said...

Thanks, Jonathan. I'm trying to imagine that. lol I can't wait to see a floorplan, even if it's only of certain areas. of the house.