Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Conservatory - Update

Well, I've been catching up on some lost time.  I decided to go ahead and render the conservatory again (twice in one day!).  The cathedral ceiling and dormers are still to come.  I did change the colour of the walls to a rich burgundy, which I think contrasts beautifully with the greenery of the room, as well as brings out the texture of the walls. 

I have added seating to demonstrate the scale of the room.  I really love the multiple tiers that the stairs provide. 

In my next rendering, I do plan to put a floor medallion around the fountain.

Just wanted to see what you guys think!


Gatsbyesque said...

I've never seen a conservatory with walls such a deep color... interesting. I expect the elegant ballroom "feel" to continue into this room, but this diverges quite a bit. Seems earthier. Surprising!

organbrett said...

I actually liked the first rendering better. I thought at first it must be my preference of the beige. Then I wondered if it looked bigger without furniture. Nope, I think it is because the first rendering has much more light in both the ballroom & the conservatory.

Gatsbyesque said...

No further updates?

lavishproperty said...

Very neat! The only thing I would do differently is a blue wall, instead of red

Anonymous said...

Any more posts????????????????