Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Beaux Arts Facade

I am obsessed with the Beaux-Arts style.  In fact I often seek out examples of it on my travels. It appeals to some, and is considered vile by others.  But I thought it was absolutely fitting for an estate of this scale.

I have been busy working on the Mansard roof, which I think is paramount to the exterior detail of this project.  I have exaggerated the slope of the Mansard, which gives the impression of a triad of domes.  Again, symmetry is maintained.  The heavy balusters and pilasters actually appear to provide an appropriate balance to an otherwise gigantic structure. The delicate dormers provide a fitting contrast to the heaviness of the other millwork. 

The height of the Mansard roof allows for an additional storey which will primarily house the servants' quarters.  In fact with the addition of this storey (and including the basement level) the house will near 90,000 square feet on completion.  I know some of you say 90,000 square feet is ludicrous, "unrealistic," etc.  But, to put it in perspective, at 828,818 square feet, Buckingham Palace is almost 10 times larger, making this place look like a humble abode.  And, maybe I'm a dreamer, but I think there is a market for a place like this.  It may be a small market, but it is a market nonetheless.  I can assure you that every square foot in this residence is carefully thought out, and the overall design flows seamlessly.

Please let me know what you think.  Your comments inspire me to continue this project.  You can click on the picture for a larger view.



Anonymous said...

I'm really liking the Beaux-Arts style!

John said...

Love the work so far. Ive spent HUNDREDS of hours learning chief and attempting my own design. I need a faster processor, but my renderings just arent as high quality as yours. I even use modified PovRay. Loving your work though.

your host said...

I love the details From the windows in the roof to the shape and size of the windows, You've got just enough columns in just the right place and the balconies are blend right in to the building. however the roof is a bit imposing which may be partly due to the dark color, or that I don't like gambrel roofs. Fantastic work keep it up!